As an investor with TFA we will consult with you with regards to your financial position

following the tried and tested six step processes as follows:

Establishing and Defining a Professional Relationship

We will clearly explain our services to you as well as define our responsibilities. It will be explained fully how and by whom we are remunerated. During this processes we will agree with you on the scope and terms of our relationship as well as to how decisions are made and implemented.

Gathering data, including goals

The next step will be about you as we gather all the necessary information pertaining to you as well as defining your personal and financial goals, their time frame for results as well as how you feel about risk. We will gather all the necessary documents before we give you the advice you need.

Analysing and evaluating your financial status

We will analyse your information to assess your current situation and determine what you need to do to meet your stated goals. This will include an analysis of your assets, liabilities as well as your current cash flow and your tax strategies too.

Develop and present your financial recommendations

Once we are prepared we will go over our recommendations with you in person focusing on ensuring that they are clear enough for you to make an informed decision. At that stage we will also review any concerns you may raise and adjust the recommendations accordingly.

Implementing the financial planning recommendations

Once we are agreed on what and how the recommendations should be carried out we will walk with you every step of the way bringing in professional experts if needed such as attorneys or stockbrokers as the need arises.

Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

Our job does not stop at making or implementing the recommendations, the whole processes requires constant monitoring as circumstances change. Those changes could be market movements or your own lifestyle changes, either way it is important that we meet on a regular basis to go over progress and see what changes may need to be considered from an informed position.

To sum up, we like to understand you as you understand yourself so we can design a bespoke solution that you will be secure, grow and be as flexible as you require it to be.