Financial Literacy for South Africa

According to most research we have read less than 5% of South Africans can retire without financial assistance. That is a shocking statistic and one we hope to change in the years ahead. We wont be able to do that if people don’t understand their options or what their retirement savings should be doing for them.

The Financial Alliance has prepared a series of workshops that our corporate clients can take advantage of. They have been designed with the support of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa and do not favour one company over another, they are workshops designed to enlighten and educate your employees about investment principles which will cover a range of topics from diversification principles to basic budget management, your home budget that is from where everything starts!

Financial Literacy

Educate yourself today

For more on this contact Camilla Drysdale Lear on 011 501 2000 to arrange your bespoke Financial Literacy presentation